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Downloadable Games Archive

The Best Downloadable Game Award recognizes the overall best game released on console or PC platforms specifically and solely for digital download - with an emphasis on smaller, more 'casual'-friendly titles.



12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2012)



  • Bastion (Supergiant Games)
    - Supergiant Games Team
  • Nominees

  • Stacking (Double Fine)
  • From Dust (Ubisoft Montpellier)
  • Outland (Housemarque)
  • Frozen Synapse (Mode 7)


    11th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2011)



  • Minecraft (Mojang)
    - Markus Persson
  • Nominees

  • Costume Quest (Double Fine)
  • Limbo (Playdead)
  • Super Meat Boy (Team Meat)
  • Monday Night Combat (Uber Entertainment)


    10th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2010)



  • Flower (thatgamecompany)
    - Jenova Chen, Kellee Santiago, Nick Clark, John Edwards
  • Nominees

  • Plants Vs. Zombies (PopCap)
    - George Fan, Tod Semple, Sukhbir Sidhu, Jason Kapalka
  • Trials HD (RedLynx)
    - Antti Ilvessuo, Tero Virtala
  • PixelJunk Shooter (Q Games)
    - Dylan Cuthbert, Kentaro Yoshida, Shouichi Tominga, High Frequency, Bandwidth
  • Shadow Complex (Chair Entertainment)
    - Donald Mustard, Geremy Mustard, Michael Capps, Cliff Bleszinski


    9th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2009)

    World of Goo


  • World Of Goo (2D Boy)
    - Kyle Gabler, Ron Carmel
  • Nominees
  • Castle Crashers (The Behemoth)
  • Braid (Number None)
  • N+ (Metanet/Slick Entertainment)
  • PixelJunk Eden (Q-Games)


    8th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2008)


  • Flow (thatgamecompany / Sony Computer Entertainment)
    - Kellee Santiago, Jenova Chen, Martin Middleton, Hao Cui, John Edwards, Nick Clark
  • Nominees
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition (Namco-Bandai Games)
    - Nobutaka Nakajima
  • Everyday Shooter (Queasy Games / Sony Computer Entertainment)
    - Jonathan Mak
  • Peggle (PopCap Games)
    - Sukhbir Sidhu, Brian Rothstein, Eric Tams, Walter Wilson
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (Infinite Interactive / D3 Publisher)
    - Steve Fawkner, Janeen Fawkner