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4th annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2004)



  • Dominic Couture, Feng Quan Wang and team for graphics programming in PRINCE OF PERSIA : THE SANDS OF TIME
  • Nominees

  • Jak II team for programming in JAK II
  • Kim Salo, Markus Stein and Olli Tervo for physics programming in MAX PAYNE 2: THE FALL OF MAX PAYNE
  • David Worswick for network programming in PROJECT GOTHAM RACING 2
  • Mike Rayner, Jon Spencer and team for programming in SSX 3

    3rd annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2003)



  • Mark Brockington, Scott Greig, Jason Knipe, Don Moar and Don Yakielashek for network programming in NEVERWINTER NIGHTS
  • Nominees

  • Mike Biddlecombe, Scott Bilas, Bartosz Kijanka, James Loe, Eric Tams and Chad Queen for programming in DUNGEON SIEGE
  • Metroid Team for programming in METROID PRIME
  • Antoine Dodens and Team for graphics programming in TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL
  • Warcraft III Team for programming in WARCRAFT III: REIGN OF CHAOS

    2nd annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2002)



  • Richard Evans for artificial intelligence in BLACK & WHITE
  • Nominees

  • Akihiko Tan & team for physics in GRAN TURISMO 3 A-SPEC
  • Andy Gavin & Stephen White for programming in JAK & DAXTER: THE PRECURSOR LEGACY
  • Jason Jones & team for programming in HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED
  • Sherman Archibald, John Carmack & Ryan Feltrin for graphics in RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN

    1st annual Game Developers Choice Awards (2001)



  • Sims programming team - The Sims (AI)
  • Nominees

  • Yu Suzuki & team - F355 Challenge (physics)
  • Scott Guest & Andy Astor - Giants: Citizen Kabuto (graphics)
  • Visual Concepts dev team - NFL2K1 (networking)
  • Martin Brownlow - Sacrifice (graphics)